Trading Arcade partnership

Your earnings are yours

Nyenburgh operates a beautiful trading arcade in the financial centre in Amsterdam. The company offers experienced traders a partnership contract where Nyenburgh facilitates professional market access and leverage at low cost. In the partnership, all trading is done in the name of Nyenburgh. Ultimately the full trading result belongs to the partner trader and can be withdrawn directly if the haircut on his positions allows. Nyenburgh offers leverage but no trading capital.

To qualify as an experienced trader, you have been working as a professional trader for at least two years, and you have a financial or economic background. To be eligible for a partnership contract, you are an EEA resident. You have venture capital to secure your trading activities and a good trading track record including references.

Nyenburgh does not distinguish between employed traders and traders in a partnership. If there are differences, it is that a partner trader works as an entrepreneur for himself and contributes venture capital to secure his trading activities.

Low fees

Over the past ten years, the trading arcade partnership has proven itself an excellent solution for traders who have outgrown their bonus structure and want to work for themselves but do not want to establish an expensive and labour intensive regulated investment firm. 

Nyenburgh’s fees are the lowest in the market for transaction- and desk fees, including the GenXs Trader trading system. Nyenburgh offers leverage to professional traders but no trading capital.

If you are an experienced trader and an EEA resident, please send your CV and motivation letter to

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