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Nyenburgh offers experienced traders a partnership opportunity where Nyenburgh provides professional market access and leverage. In the partnership, trading is legally executed on behalf of Nyenburgh. Economically, the entire trading result belongs to the trader and can be withdrawn if the associated risk exposure (haircut) allows.

To qualify as an experienced trader, you have worked as a professional trader or in a similar financial or economic function for at least two years. To be eligible for a partnership contract, you must reside in the EEA or have an EEA member state nationality. You have venture capital to secure your trading activities and a good trading track record, including references.

Note that Nyenburgh does not distinguish between employed traders and traders in a partnership. If there are differences, it is that a partner trader works as an entrepreneur for himself and contributes venture capital to secure his trading risks. Nyenburgh offers leverage but no financing of trading capital.


Over the past ten years, the partnership structure has proven an excellent solution for solo traders who want to start working for themselves but want to stay away from establishing a costly regulated investment firm. 

Another practical application of the partnership in the Netherlands is its practice as an ‘umbrella’ for multiple traders. This way, small groups of traders can be granted direct access to professional trading and clearing facilities quite quickly without the hassle of obtaining a trading license and without the high cost of managing a regulated investment firm.

If you are interested in forming a partnership or setting up an umbrella structure with Nyenburgh, please send your inquiry to

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