Proprietary Trading

Nyenburgh categories as an Investment Firm for proprietary trading, operating under the supervision of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

As a proprietary trader, Nyenburgh is actively trading for its own book at the leading regulated trading venues around the globe, such as Euronext Cash and Derivatives markets, ICE Europe, Eurex, Xetra, Swiss Exchange, Nasdaq/OMX, New York Stock Exchange, CME and the London Stock Exchange.

We use the comprehensive and state of the art trading system GenXs. Within this system, it is possible (among others) to implement own trading strategies.



Our dedicated back office takes care of the trading accounts of all the traders. All transactions are reconciled daily, so the likelihood of errors is minimized. Every morning, before the opening of the European financial markets, the traders have their statements of all transactions of the previous trading day, their positions, current net liquidation (netliq) value of all positions, and their corresponding haircut.


Risk Management

Trading is about taking risk. The risk manager at Nyenburgh monitors closely and real-time all positions and corresponding market risk. These have to be always within predetermined parameters throughout the entire trading day. When limits are exceeded, the risk manager or the trading system will intervene. Overnight, Nyenburgh uses the haircut calculation of business partner ABN AMRO Clearing Bank. Under certain conditions, overnight short positions are permitted.


Transaction Cost

Nyenburgh operates a crystal clear fee schedule per transaction, the exchange and clearing fees, plus a surcharge. In case any of these fees decrease, it will be passed on one to one to the trader immediately. The fees of Nyenburgh are among the lowest in the market.



Nyenburgh offers a free unique training opportunity for prospect professional traders: We created a realistic trading simulation environment in our offices. Trading with this professional simulation setup will help to determine whether you can be successful as a professional trader or not, without spending money. You will be coached by one of our successful traders. In the end, if you decide to enter into a partnership with Nyenburgh, the guidance will continue for the first couple of months.

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